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The history of taxis in Patras and of our Radio Taxi firm


The first taxis

The first motorized taxis appeared in Patras in the second decade of the 20th century. These taxis provided a service for the city bourgeoisie, transporting the ladies who wore the long dresses of that era and functioning on something like an appointment system. When the taxis arrived at the pick-up point, the drivers used to toot the horn so that they could be heard! We don’t know how many of these first taxis there were in the city.



In the 1930s, about 35 large limousines appeared in the city - with large head lights and spoked wheels. The taxi ranks for these limousines were in Trion Symmachon Square, Georgiou Square and Ypsila Alonia.


An increasing number of taxis

After the war, the taxi fleet gradually began to grow. However, the big increase in numbers came from the 1960s and 1970s up until 1989. Today, according to the data gathered by our Association, there are about 700 taxis operating in the city of Patras.


The first radio taxis

The first radio taxis were established in Greece at the beginning of 1980, and Patras was the second Greek city to have radio taxis. This first radio taxi company was called Hermes and had 27 taxis. Gradually, other taxi drivers joined the firm and by the end of the 1980s it had about 255 cars and had changed its name to Radiotaxi Patras - the name it retains to this day (RADIOTAXI PATRAS 18300).


Our Cooperative

In April 2007 we changed our legal status and became a cooperative. Our official title is: "Transportation Tourist Cooperative P.E. Radio Taxi Patras Cooperative Ltd."


Our Radio Taxis

Today, Radiotaxi Patras has 380 taxis, a nine-member Board of Directors, a three-member Supervisory Board and a five-member Disciplinary Board. It has seven staff-operators (with between 23 years’ and 1 year’s experience) and works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It operates using two frequencies and in the morning shift we have two operators working. The members of our Board of Directors are as follows:

President: Konstantinos Tzouvekas
Vice President: Vasilios Giannakopoulos
G. Secretary: Charalambos Kordas
Treasurer: Michail Manolopoulos
Head of Network: Antonios Dimitrakopoulos
Head of Public Relations: Christos Papalexopoulos
Member: Dionysios Stergiou
Member: Andreas Vassilopoulos
Member: Ioannis Kontis



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